Worry Wart

Being a worry wart is stressful. Listen to me as I unload my luggage of worries from school stress to financial stress.

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Grievances unto Samsung

I get my brand spanking new Samsung laptop on the 24th and I am on cloud nine! For 2 days, I have a beautiful laptop that I don’t have to charge at all in class. It’s light-weight! It’s touchscreen! It’s everything I didn’t know I needed in a laptop companion! Then, the night before my Monday…

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You, Yourself, Are Not a Label

You, yourself, are not a label. In fact, you could not fit on a label. Put everything that you are onto a label and it would not fit. You are not one label and you are not even many. Humans are not meant to be labeled and yet, we do it anyways to soothe ourselves. So, let’s try it. Lets create a label for ourselves.

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