Grievances unto Samsung


I know this is an unexpected post but, I am just so frustrated right now. Let me tell you about the bone I have to pick with Samsung or rather their Customer Service or lack of Customer Service.

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love their products but, they could be so much better if they got their customer service situation straight. Let me start with the beginning of all this chaos.

In May of twenty some year (either sixteen or seventeen), I was in need of a phone. Everyone knows that phones and I do not last long. In fact, it’s a miracle that the phone I have now is in the condition it is in now and that my original charger still works.

I know, shocking, right! But, I digress. I was in a bind so, I decided to look at phones on Samsung’s website. I had done pretty well with Samsung phones since my sophomore/junior year of high school so, I stuck with the brand ever since.

I was looking at the prices and doing some calculations in my head about how I could pay for it and decided to see if I could get financing for it. I got a statement saying that I was eligible for around $2200, cool. I never used it because I found a better way to get a replacement for my phone with my carrier, T-Mobile.

I had the financing for some time until my old laptop that I was using in pharmacy school started giving me issues.

My laptop would start flickering at 30% battery then 40%. People complained of the flickering behind me, how it might give them seizures. It was embarrassing and I didn’t have money to buy a new laptop.

Eventually, I got to the point where, it started flickering at 85% and 90% and I could barely take my exams on my laptop. All exams and laptops are taken on our personal laptops at my school and they absolutely abhor when someone uses the computer lab to take their exams for too long or no reason.

I basically needed to be at an outlet at all times. I tried fixing my laptop myself. I took my entire laptop apart and put it back together, with the help of YouTube and google but, I could not do anything myself. I took my laptop to be fixed and that was another drama.

The people went on vacation and did not inform anyone so I thought was not going to have a laptop before school. I literally got my laptop back the day before I was supposed to leave back to Atlanta. You can imagine my stress and anxiety.

We went to the laptop place everyday for a week and it was closed and no one answered the phone. I started googling the owner of the phone number and found criminal records for some person. I was panicking. I thought I had been scammed.

But, thankfully, I hadn’t. The owners of the computer shop were just unprofessional or irresponsible. I do not know what to call it and after all that trouble they couldn’t even fix my laptop. Oh, also, side note, my sister had the same Asus laptop and the same problem so, we were both in the same situation.

At this time, the wheels in my head started turning and I was trying to think up solutions to my problem when I remembered that I still had the financing from Samsung that I had not used.

I had also calculated a new laptop into my financial aid budget earlier during the summer so I could definitely pay for the laptop over time (my goal: within 12 months).

So while, my family and I were in Atlanta, this is August 19th, 2017, I decided to purchase a laptop directly from Samsung because what could go wrong? If anything did, I could just send it back to them and not have to worry about transportation or not having a store around me, or so I thought.

I get my brand spanking new Samsung laptop on the 24th and I am on cloud nine! For 2 days, I have a beautiful laptop that I don’t have to charge at all in class. It’s light-weight! It’s touchscreen! It’s everything I didn’t know I needed in a laptop companion!

Then, the night before my Monday quiz for my first class of the semester, I get an update message. Ok, strange, but, let me just update it so my laptop can be in tiptop condition for my quiz tomorrow. I leave the living room and come back. My dream is gone!

I am in a nightmare! My computer is stuck in loop of the blue screen of death! Easy, just reboot, right? No!!! The laptop windows 10 program starts so fast that it is almost impossible to reboot with F8 before the computer starts just to go back the blue screen of death.

I am so traumatized. Every time I see that Blue screen of death with the sad face emoji my pulse increases and my blood pressure goes up now. But, back to my story. I’m panicking!

It’s Sunday night and everything is closed! I have to wait for Monday morning but, that’s when my quiz is. I decide to let the technology guy at my school see what he can do with this issue on Monday. Maybe, he knows what to do. I go to sleep with that plan in mind.

Monday morning, I leave the apartment earlier than I usually do to go talk to the tech guy. I have my old laptop, just in case, and my new laptop. Let’s just say the meeting was not productive and after my quiz, I skip my afternoon class to call Samsung and wait on the hold line for hours only for the technical support to tell me to reboot my laptop with F8 which doesn’t work.

He gives me the information I need to return the laptop. Fine, I can do that. I get the information and return the laptop. September 1st, 2017, I get an email from FedEx saying that my laptop was signed for by an FGuzman.

Great! I should be getting a correspondence from Samsung soon about my return. The guy on the phone said it should take 2-3 weeks to process the return then put the money back.

Almost 4 weeks later, nothing. Not one word from Samsung. Not one. Again, I’m panicking! I’ve been scammed! I google the address that the person sent me to return the laptop, some weird address in Microtown, PA and I am having anxiety.

My nerves have just shot through the roof. I re-check my email. I got an email from Chris first then an Ashley in the same email. Oh My God! I’ve been scammed! I call Samsung. I’m on hold for some hours until finally I get someone.

They can never find my account from my email but, that’s the only email I ever used with them but, okay. Eventually we get to my issue and guess what? They received my laptop in September. After I emailed the warehouse and called the warehouse in Microtown, PA too. Pissed. Just Pissed and they couldn’t just email me with a robotic email or something?

“When am I receiving my replacement?” I ask the man.

At this point, I am still hopeful although, I have already taken 2 or 3 exams for the class that I am in, in the computer lab, my school runs on a hybrid schedule so it’s a little accelerated.

The man says, the money is pending. When it gets back in your account you can purchase a new laptop again. Strange, but ok. I wait…and wait and wait.

It’s October 2017! I’ve resigned myself to my fate. My friends are even angry. They ask me how I can be so calm but, maybe I was so angry that I couldn’t even form an expression.

Still, no laptop. None. Zilch. Zero. I’m trucking on with my old flickering laptop constantly connected to an outlet. My friends are so tired that after they called Samsung too, take me to a Best Buy nearby to forget about Samsung Direct and get me a laptop.

At this time, I have already completed a course for the semester and taken 5 exams in the computer lab; I told you our classes go by fast.

I end up buying the same laptop just from a different party because I still believed in the laptop. It’s just that it’s makers that were frustrating me. I was able to get it financed by Best Buy.

I should be finished paying for it in 2 months and it’s still working, treating me right BUT, Samsung still thinks I owe them money. They still send me bills and have debt collectors calling my house but, they never upheld their contract.

I still have not received any type of laptop from them or refund and it is now July 19, 2018 as I type. I filled a dispute with the bank in charge of their financing, TD Bank earlier this summer, finally. I’ve given up on this company.

Then, they sold my debt to a debt collection agency while they had my dispute filled. I have talked with Samsung, TD and now, these debt collectors. I cannot pay for a laptop that they never gave me! What am I paying for.

They are ruining my credit because of their own incompetence and lack of ability to properly communicate with each other within their own company.

I am just frustrated with Samsung’s incompetence when it comes to technical support and customer service. All I wanted was replacement and this is what I got.

I am sick and tired of having to talk to different agents and explain the same story of their incompetence every single day. They need to pay me for all the stress, anxiety and damage that they are doing to my credit.

Finally, a year later. The people that resolved my problem were the debt collectors. After sending the all my evidence, screenshots, and receipts, the debt collection agency got Samsung to give me back my credit. I am now living happily ever after with my laptop from BestBuy.

Thanks for listening to this long rant,

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