Christmas Gift Ideas on A Budget

Gift Ideas for College Students Shika Tearing Up Over Tea

We’ve made it through finals! Yay! Now that that’s over, I can finally focus on more fun things! Like Christmas! It’s a little late but, there are a lot of last minute shoppers out there so, I came with the gift ideas today for all you last minute stragglers.

Under $10


Who doesn’t love a good coffee mug? I use mine more like a teacup but, you get the point. Coffee, tea, hot cocoa, you decide. Find one that is unique for an extra wow factor. I’m one for practical gifts so, this is definitely something I’d appreciate. Add a pack of tea with it and I might even start tearing up. I know, weird. It’s happened before though. You can purchase coffee mugs at a multitude of places and the dollar store is one. You can even customize them if you want to up the budget.

Gift Ideas for College Students Shika Tearing Up Over Tea
Me almost tearing up about my new tea and the infuser 2 years ago


If you know someone who is all about the scents, get them some candles. You can find some unique scents at TJ Maxx, Home Goods and, Marshalls without breaking the bank (Secret: They’re all the same people!). We all know that some candles cost more than others but you can definitely get a candle with an actual scent for under $10 that is a decent size. Also, these off-price retailers like TJ Maxx have unique candle brands and scents so, you end up looking like you definitely paid $15 instead of $7 for that candle. That still leaves you with $3 to add in a mug or two or three! It depends if taxes count in your budget.

Bonus: If you are really about that life, you can make your own candle! I’m not that talented for that, yet. Kudos to you if you have skills like that.

Under $20

a Fleece

There is never a thing as too many fleeces. They are just so comfortable and warm. You can have one for each location at your place. I have one for my couch, my bed and my study chair that I never study in. That’s doesn’t even count when I go back home to Miami. No fleece goes to waste! The fuzzier the better!

Just imagine your friend cuddling in their nice new fleece with a nice hot cup of cocoa sponsored by you. Now, they will always get a warm feeling in their soul and think of you whenever they snuggle into their well-worn fleece.


Clothing can be a hit or a miss. Usually, if you are buying clothing, you must know the person well enough to know their size and tastes in clothing. Proceed with caution. I love clothes and personally, it’s a great time to have someone else stock up my winter clothing inventory. But, I would rather I get this from my mom or my sister who really know my taste and some of my friends. Keyword here is some. 

Gift Basket

Customize your gift. Make a gift basket! It doesn’t have to be a physical gift basket but, it can just be a collection of small things that the recipient likes. For example, a mug, tea, and a candle would work perfectly. Throw in the fleece too and the recipient might just love you forever. Or you can use some of the favorite candy, an assortment of chapsticks, a scarf, and gloves. The choices are endless.

Under $50

Visa Giftcard

If you are uncreative and your gifts typically get a bad rep. You may just be safe with a Visa Gift Gard. It’s safe and it works almost anywhere. $25 is good and $50 is awesome. Just keep in mind that there is an extra activation fee. In my dreams, someone gives me a $100 Visa Gift Card. Well, actually, just $100 in cash.

Custom Gift Basket

Oh my gosh! What is with this girl and custom gift baskets! You would think I was sponsored. I just think that they are an awesome idea. This is the perfect time to showcase how much you pay attention to a person. It’s also like getting 10 mini gifts in one.

If you know someone loves relaxing or needs to relax/ sleep, a cool gift basket would be a sleepy time gift basket: a sleeping mask, a fleece, peppermint or chamomile tea, fuzzy socks and, slippers. You could also throw in pajamas and soothing lavender lotions and body washes. For your fitness enthusiasts, get them a water bottle, gym towel, a yoga mat, and a cool gym shirt. 

We are not going above $50 today.

I just wanted to give you all a few ideas for your Christmas shopping. Sometimes less is more when it comes to gifts. Let the person who you are shopping for know that you pay attention to them through their gifts. What is something that they love to do or mentioned they wanted once? Can you grant them their wish? It doesn’t have to be a grand display.

Thanks for listening to my rant,


What are some gift ideas that you like? Comment below. Don’t forget to like this post and follow my blog. Talk to you all soon!


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Shika Tamaklo is a pharmacy student attending Mercer University. She is a college lifestyle blogger who writes on fitness, health, student life struggles and, occasionally dabbles in creative writing.

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