Your Diet Is Affecting Your Success

Your diet is affecting your success. No, I’m not telling you to lose weight. I’m telling you to eat to fuel your body more efficiently. I’m really not interested in how much you weigh. That’s between you and yourself.

I’m just telling you to add foods that fuel your body to your diet. We are not subtracting anything. After all, some foods fuel your body, fruits and vegetables, and some foods fuel your soul, a milkshake and French fries.

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So, if I’m not hinting at you to lose weight, why do I care what you eat? Why is that so important for my success? Food is independent of success, right? Surely, you know the answer is no by the title of this post so, let’s dive right in.

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The first correlation to success is mental health. The food you eat and the quality of the food you eat affect your mental health. You already kind of know this.

Have you ever been hangry, before? Sure, you have. You may also remember the Snickers commercial. You’re not you when you’re hungry.

How can you concentrate when you lack food and energy? It’s a struggle! All you can think about is that there’s 14 minutes left until lunch.

It’s only right to fuel-up for battle. The days are long and you need proper sustenance in order to get your work done. Your brain is fueled by carbohydrates. It lives on sugar.

No, not donuts, so don’t go stuffing your face with donuts. By sugars, I mean glucose and by glucose I mean carbs. You know bread, fruits, potatoes, yams, and vegetables. Yes, vegetables count as carbs!

But, just because you need fuel, that does not give you the excuse to crazy with the bread, donuts, cakes, and brownies. When you consume too much sugar, you put yourself at risk for a low mood. You bombard your body with too much energy and the things go haywire.

I’m talking about more than just a sugar rush! Long-story-short, a diet poor in nutrition can put you at risk for chronic diseases like Type 2 Diabetes and also cause chronic inflammation to your body.

You basically get a stress response without the stress. You become at risk for depression and other mental health disorders. It’s very hard to be functional when depressed.

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Your diet is not only about your physical health. So, I want you to start to add more fruit and vegetables to your diet. Eat more fiber. Be regular. Enjoy life. Find vegetables that you actually like and the ones you don’t like.

Eat a variety and try new foods. But don’t force yourself to eat broccoli if you hate it. I don’t really like salads so, I don’t force myself. I like my foods warm. So, I roast asparagus or Brussel sprouts or any other roast-able vegetable.

Random side-note: some people have a gene that pre-disposes them to dislike broccoli. So, if you ever needed an excuse to not eat broccoli, there it is.

But, try the “healthy” foods. You don’t have to eliminate the “unhealthy” foods. Everything is great in moderation.

Learn about your food so, that you are not tricked by fad diets and “negative-calorie” foods (all foods have calories). You don’t need to look a certain way to eat salads either. 

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Get the energy you need to wake up every day motivated to do what you need to do to be successful. We fuel for a physical battle, but rarely do we think about fueling a mental battle. The reason why you were told to eat a good breakfast before an exam was so that your brain could have enough energy to do its job.

Food contains vitamins, minerals, and other things that help your body to do its regular processes. Some foods have more nutrients than others. Also, don’t forget to hydrate yourself. The body is 50-60% water. You are a bag of water. That water evaporates through sweat and leaves as urine.

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Replenish yourself. You look better when you’re hydrated. Maybe you look tired because you’re dehydrated. Drink more water and, in time, no more sunken eyes for you!

I’m not telling you to go out and re-vamp your entire kitchen with new food. Everyone’s budget is different. Not everyone can afford organic foods, and not everyone has the time to cook all their foods. That is just the reality of the world we live in.

But, we can all make little changes to make fuel ourselves better for success. Other reasons you may want to think about adding new foods to your diet is that a diet that has variety and provides many nutrients can provide mental alertness, clear thinking, better memory, better sleep, less stress, etc. It gives you all the stuff that you look for in a supplement.

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You can’t depend on a supplement to give you all that when your diet is still poor. A supplement can only do so much. That’s why you need a good diet.

Most of these supplements out here have little research to back up their claims. Scientists just take things that are beneficial from real foods and isolate them in a pill. What they don’t tell you is that it might not work when separated from its original counterparts. Somethings work better in combination. Also, some of these supplements out here are fake, but that’s a whole other soapbox for me to stand on another day.

If you want energy and to avoid preventable conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, and cholesterol, start eating like it. If you want to sleep well, eat like it. If you want better memory, eat like it.

Don’t let people tell you crazy things about food. Everything has space in moderation. Don’t stress yourself about eliminating a whole bunch of food out of your diet especially if you do not have a legitimate medical reason. Just add more variety.

I’m not a licensed nutritionist or anything. I’m just someone with an opinion and experience with the crazy ends of dieting, food and what it can do for your life.

Thank you for reading my rant,

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