Or You Could Just Eat Lunch

There are so many things that need to be done throughout the day. Twenty-four hours seems like a blink of an eye. We are constantly trying to maximize our time by multi-tasking.

But did it ever occur to you that you could just eat lunch? I mean like eating without doing anything else. No studying, exercising, working, meetings, or catching up on shows.

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It didn’t? Well, I’m just here to let you know. Sometimes, you can benefit from doing nothing. The whole mindful eating isn’t just a bunch of hoopla.

Just because you are busy all the time, does not mean that you are efficient or even getting things done. There is no need to feel guilty for taking a break to perform a mandatory human function like EATING.

What you eat and the way you eat is affecting your success.

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I’m saying this especially for those of you who are stressed. No matter how much you have that is stressing you, you deserve a break. You deserve to eat in peace.

When you take the time to eat and do so in peace, you make your life better.

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How? You reduce your stress because you stopped letting your team members follow you to lunch with their problems.

Every spoonful of food you used to take came with another spoonful of stress that made your food are to swallow and gave you indigestion. Now, you actually get to enjoy the taste of your lunch and digest it.

When you got distracted discussing the new budget concerns, you stopped eating. Then, you ended up having to shove the rest of your lunch down your throat last minute so you could actually get back to paid worrying.

I mean maybe you enjoy the rush of having 2 minutes left on the clock for lunch and a container full of food left eat. It’s a challenge. But you could also just eat your lunch during lunchtime.

I know we can’t always have a mindful lunch. Things happen. But you also don’t always have to have a stressful lunch. You could just eat.

That’s what that designated time is for. You can stress during the rest of the school or work hours.

Eating under duress is making you binge.

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You ever reach the bottom of a bag of chips and get surprised? So, you get up to get more. Yeah, that’s mindless eating, stress eating, etc. Your mind is everywhere else but your food.

Eventually, it escalates to you gaining X number of pounds. You’re surprised and you don’t know how it happened. You should have just eaten lunch.

Stop multi-tasking through your lunch.

Focus on your food. Focus on the moment. Enjoy now. Enjoy what you are eating. You will have other time to study, to work, to play, and to argue.

You deserve to eat and actually enjoy your food.

Stop trying to be busy.

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Be efficient. Realize that lunch does not have to turn into a power walk or an extra group meeting. You could just eat lunch and come back refreshed.

Realize that part of the reason you are burned out is that you feel like you always have to be doing something even during your rest periods. You could just eat lunch.

I promise you that the world will not end. You may just be encouraged to be a little more efficient when you prevent your work to run into your personal time.

We don’t always get paid for lunch so, use your time wisely. Remember that you are human and breaks help us maximize the productivity of our working time.

Do you ever try to work straight through the day? Then you hit that slump around 6 PM. You’ve been reading the same paragraph for 30 minutes and it’s simple but it still makes no sense?

Then, you decide to take a 20-minute break or power nap. When you wake up, the whole world is clearer. The paragraph you read for half an hour no longer looks like ancient hieroglyphics.

That is the power of rest. It makes for a more efficient person. So just eat your lunch. Give your brain a break and be motivated again!

It is okay to be idle for a little bit. We lived in such a fast-paced society where the motto seems to be if you’re staying still, you’re getting left behind.

But, constantly being on the go will wear you out and make you less useful to yourself and others. So, you could go ahead and do some extra research or you could just eat your lunch.

Thanks for reading my rant,

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