You Aren’t Quitting If Enough Is Enough


Winners never quit and quitters never win. That quote they told you in elementary school was a lie. Quitters can win and winners do quit. I’m here to tell you to stop staying in nonsense because you believe in some false notion they told you in elementary school.

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We all know that this is just an idiom to encourage us to keep going. But somewhere along the line, we lost sight of everything else. Within the right context, the line is true. But we live in the real-world people. When is the context always going to be perfect?

What our teachers omitted was that it’s okay to quit when enough is enough. No, not when things necessarily get too heated and intense. But when the environment gets too toxic, you need to leave.

Some of us are hanging on in places that we cannot stand to be in. Because winners never quit. One day, you are going to be promoted to manager.

Do you really want to be a manager in such a toxic place? You can’t always get to the top in an environment you don’t feel comfortable in.

Who told you success had to be hard? That it had to be a raging battle against the masses? You can quite when enough is enough.

When is Enough, Enough?

when is enough, enough? Is it time to quit?
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You’re stagnant and becoming complacent. You used to be a go-getter! So, motivated. You had dreams of reaching the top, going corporate.

Now, you are just focused on getting to work on time and clocking out on time. You no longer want to scale the corporate skyscrapers.

Even, if you did, you’d have trouble getting a promotion so you might as well stay where you are. It’s not that bad just being in sales, anyways.

You hate everything and everyone.

There a lot of people out there who seem to hate everything. But the difference with you is that you’re not happy. You have trouble getting to work every day because you dread going there. It doesn’t even get better once you arrive.

You’re being bullied/harassed.

Your co-workers and boss don’t seem to appreciate you. If anything, they seem to look down on you. They make you do the intern job and you most certainly have a titled position around here.

In addition to that, you hear people talking about you behind your back. And then, you get passive aggressive comments. You know your proposal should have at least made it to top 5. But apparently, it was not “seen” and they cannot bend the rules now. Submit it next time. Excuses.

I’d say this is when enough is enough. Maybe even sooner. The toxic environment is draining all of you and is affecting your quality of life. Life does not have to be miserable.

Climbing to the top is hard but, it shouldn’t make you depressed. The reason you chose to have ambition was to have a better life. Is this a better life?

The cheat code: Why doesn’t quitting count as quitting?

If you quit now, I promise you that your elementary school teacher will not come back to punish you. No one wants you to be miserable in your job or at home.

You lose by staying in that environment. Quit now. You are being bullied and harassed. By quitting, you win. You can get a job elsewhere and scale the ranks there. Do you really want to be at the top of a company that you absolutely detest? No? I thought so.

Also, you’re not really quitting. Don’t make yourself in a horrible situation because you want to win. What are you winning? What do you get by punishing yourself? If there was someone else in your position that you cared about, what would you tell them? Now, tell yourself that.

This is not a Disney movie. When you reach the top or after a certain period of time, things will not automatically get better.

I’m not saying to give up automatically. But you gave it a good run. You tried talking to your co-workers politely about their actions, and you went to human resources. Find somewhere better.

You deserve better.

you deserve the best
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What environment energized you and gave you life? Find that type of environment so you can kick away the complacency. You’re not the type of person to hate everything and everyone. Change who everything and everyone is and you’ll be a winner.

Give yourself permission to quit.

Because sometimes quitters do win and sometimes winners do quit. Realize that you deserve the best. If the best isn’t given to you especially when you worked hard for it, you can try something else.

When enough is enough and you’ve done everything that you could, you aren’t quitting. You are simply pivoting. A pivot is a turn. And sometimes you need to turn to avoid running into a wall. Pivot and be on your way again to win your race. I’m rooting for you.

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