Why Focusing on Your Strengths Is the Fastest Way to Success

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You focus too much on your weaknesses. That’s your downfall. You ever thought that focusing on your strengths might be the way your rise to success?

No? Well, I’m telling you now. Yes, I know this a self-improvement-focused site. What better way to self-improve than to work on your weaknesses right? Eh, not always.

Being well-rounded can be good but in reality, people like specialists. We pay all the time to see specialists. Cardiologists, immigration lawyers, family therapists, a humanities professor, etc.

Being a jack of all trades and master of none, won’t really get you too far these days. As they say in the business and blog world, it pays off to niche down. Today we are taking the strengths-based approach to succeed in life.

Why Strengths Are Important

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Building up your strengths only makes sense when your goal is to specialize. It is the easiest way to specialize.

Why build your skill in something that you are horrible in? Or hate when you can build your skill in something you already have the upper hand in?

It only makes perfect sense. It’s definitely easier to become an expert in something that you already have some type of inclination towards doing. It is a more efficient and smarter way of doing things.

We work smart, not always hard. Not to say working on your strengths may not bring you challenges; you will have some challenges. But you won’t be fighting a battle that you are less likely to win.

According to Lewis Schiff’s Business Brilliant, a book that compares what makes self-made millionaires different from the middle-class, focusing on what you do best is the path that some of the world’s most successful people have taken. Working at what you do best can be an important step towards your success.

Experts and Specialists are in Demand

I mentioned this before but experts are in demand. If you have a rare heart defect, do you want to talk to a doctor that’s a generalist or do you want to talk to a cardiologist?

If your marriage is on the rocks, you want a marriage counselor. You don’t want to talk to just anybody. When your phone breaks, you want someone that specializes and knows how to fix your phone.

The person you trust the most for fitness advice has a channel that is dedicated solely to fitness. It doesn’t mean that these people don’t know anything else or don’t have other interests.

It just means that they have dedicated a portion of their lives to becoming the best and staying constantly updated in their specific career track. What makes you so different? You can also benefit from specialization too.

Yea, it may seem counterintuitive to only specialize in the repair of androids if your job is to repair phones.

But that gives you much more room to know more about android phones and how they function. That attracts a specific market that wants their android phone repaired by someone who actually knows what they are doing.

If you only repair android phones and that’s your specialty, that expert becomes you. Congratulations! You just broke into a niche market and got some dedicated customers who trust you.

You can always delegate the tasks that you’re weak into someone else if possible. That saves you time and maybe even some money.

So, I’ve convinced you. Now, how do you know what your strengths are?

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Think about what others say that you are good at. Can’t remember? Ask your friends. I’m pretty sure they will be happy to tell you.

Maybe you are a great communicator and you are the go-to person for nutrition advice. You may want to look into becoming a nutritionist or a dietitian.

Maybe you can dedicate yourself to becoming an expert in that field. Then further specialize in helping athletes because you love sports science too.

Or help people with former eating disorders find their balance again because you know what it’s like to feel lost after an eating disorder. Use your experiences to help you find your strengths.

You can even take tests to find your strengths online. Google it or try this popular test called the Clifton StrengthsFinder Test.

With the purchase of the book, you get a test that will result in a personalized Strengths Insight and Action Planning Guide. I took that test before.

I found out that my 5 themes were empathy, harmony, deliberative, relator, and developer. From there, I learned what that meant and how that related to the things that I was strongest at.

It turns out that most of my strengths were relationship-building. Which means I am great at holding a team together because I have the ability to connect with others. Who knew?

Even if you don’t plan to start your own business or become a CEO, you can still benefit from knowing your strengths. That way you know what you need to focus on at your job.

And you know how to help your employer make your work environment better for you. Because when you are not working in the area of your strength, you are six times less likely to be engaged with your job. You are also more likely to dread your job.

What About Your Weaknesses?

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So, do I just forget about my weaknesses and solely focus on my strengths? That depends on your weakness. I am all about becoming better so, I definitely wouldn’t say forget about your weakness.

I would say work on them. But don’t be too obsessed with fixing the things that might be futile to fix.

Now, if you have confidence issues or you brag too much, that’s another story you may need to fix that.

Also, if you are in school, you have no choice but to fix your weaknesses sometimes. That’s maybe what keeps you from getting kicked out.

So just be conscious of the situation. And use your best judgment when it comes to your weaknesses. How much does the weakness affect your life? Can you hold off on fixing it? Does it need a major intervention? You need to prioritize.

All in All

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The best thing that you could do for yourself today is to focus on your strengths and build them. That is the way you can set yourself up for success.

Become the expert in something you already have an advantage in. This is how you end up doing what you love and becoming a sought-out expert.

The way of finding a good job where you are happy is to know your strengths. That way you can help your employer know how to keep you engaged and know when your workplace isn’t working out for you.

Ask your friends about your strengths if you can’t think of them. Take online tests for free. Or purchase tests like the Gallup Clifton StrengthsFinder test.

The fastest way to becoming the best you is through focusing on your strengths. But that doesn’t mean you forget about your weaknesses. That just means you have to prioritize them. Your strengths are your path to happiness and success in the end.

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