Get Out Of Your Head!

We all get caught up in our thoughts sometimes. But, get caught up in them too much and it can really hold you back in life. Tired of being held back by your own thoughts and second-guessing yourself? Here are some things you can do to get out of your head.

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Depression and Anxiety in Graduate Students: Why Don’t We Do Something About It?

Don’t get me started ranting about mental health. Recently there seems to be more recognition on just how much damage the stress of graduate school can cause students mentally but, what are we doing to stop it? We’re all talk and no action. Graduate student mental health is on the decline but, no meaningful action is being made. Why are we normalizing depression and anxiety in education?

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What If I Fail?

I feel the pressure on my chest and I am struggling to breath as the worries try to drown me in their uncertainties. Which thought opened the gate?

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