New Year’s Resolution: Weight-Loss Isn’t Everything

The new year is around the corner and people are going to start making New Year’s Resolutions. Many of them will have something to do with losing weight to start some type of life-changing catalytic reaction. Some will succeed and some will fail. For some people, this will be their hundredth time with this resolution of weight-loss with no life-changing results. But, have you ever thought that maybe losing weight was not the solution to all your life problems?

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10 Things I Learned on My Fitness Journey

I’ve been from one extreme end to another in working out because I was trying to lose weight and get a flat stomach. Along the way I injured myself, made myself physically and mentally exhausted and learned a couple of things. These are the 10 things I learned in my fitness journey on diets, health and, weight loss that influenced how I train today.

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