How I Manage My College Life with Limited Finances

How I Manage My College Life with Limited Finances Change and Books

I am always complaining about lack of money on here (Check out my Worry Wart Three Part Series) but, isn’t every college student short on cash flow? From a undergrad at a public university to graduate school at a private university, here’s how I’ve managed my cash flow.

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Hello Readers! I did not post at all last week which has been very unlike me. I usually post late but, never not at all. I’m slacking, y’all! Last week was a very hectic week for me. I had four exams, work, executive board meetings and a lab report due so, I barely had time […]

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The Hole Burning Through My Wallet

Hola Mi Gente! (Translation: Hello My People) Ta-daa! I’m on time today! Yay! I haven’t even been in school for a full week yet and I have a list of things I need to hash out money for. First of all, I needed $40 to buy a new battery for my laptop because my professor […]

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Surveys Reposts

Hello lovely readers! I know I do not post much but, between school, exams and, other extracurricular sometimes, I barely have time to think for myself. Anyways, now to the real purpose of this post: surveys!  I know I posted a short little blip about them about 2 years ago but, I’m going to tell […]

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