Hello Lovelies! It’s Saturday! I am so tired, right now. I know the punctuation of my first two phrases contradict my mood but, whatever. I can write whatever I want. I don’t want to do anything but; I have to be productive today so I can do nothing on Sunday. I just have an endless […]

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New Semester, New Obstacle Course

Hello Lovely Readers! I did not forget about you all. I came back to Gainesville this past weekend for school and the hotel that my family and I were staying in before move-in had no Wi-Fi. What type of hotel has no working Wi-Fi? A two star one. Never again and I’m not only saying […]

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Surveys Reposts

Hello lovely readers! I know I do not post much but, between school, exams and, other extracurricular sometimes, I barely have time to think for myself. Anyways, now to the real purpose of this post: surveys!  I know I posted a short little blip about them about 2 years ago but, I’m going to tell […]

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