The Art of Networking As A Shy Introvert

Can you network as a shy introvert and do it without dying? Sure. It just may take a lot of effort in the beginning. Come, let me show you the art of networking as a shy introvert.

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Everybody’s An Expert

What if someone told you that you’re an expert? What would you say if I told you everyone is an expert? You’d call me crazy, right. I’m here to tell you that you’ve been under-qualifying yourself all these years. I’m an expert and so are you. Read to here find out why.

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Poked And Prodded, In More Ways Than One: A Reflection of My Third Year So Far

Poked And Prodded, In More Ways Than One: A Reflection of My Third Year So Far Shika Reflecting Forward

From fake insulin injections to annoying questions, I’ve definitely been poked and prodded all this semester. Here’s my reflection of everything.

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Depression and Anxiety in Graduate Students: Why Don’t We Do Something About It?

Don’t get me started ranting about mental health. Recently there seems to be more recognition on just how much damage the stress of graduate school can cause students mentally but, what are we doing to stop it? We’re all talk and no action. Graduate student mental health is on the decline but, no meaningful action is being made. Why are we normalizing depression and anxiety in education?

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The Only Home Gym Equipment You Need in College

Home Gym Equipment for College Students All

Sometimes we just cannot make it to a gym for whatever reason but, that doesn’t mean the gym can’t come to us. Here are some convenient and compact gym equipment that can work for any college student on the go.

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