Eye-Opening Moments

It’s the end of my P3 year in pharmacy school. Here’s a reflection of my year and a few of my eye-opening moments.

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Depression and Anxiety in Graduate Students: Why Don’t We Do Something About It?

Don’t get me started ranting about mental health. Recently there seems to be more recognition on just how much damage the stress of graduate school can cause students mentally but, what are we doing to stop it? We’re all talk and no action. Graduate student mental health is on the decline but, no meaningful action is being made. Why are we normalizing depression and anxiety in education?

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How I Manage My College Life with Limited Finances

How I Manage My College Life with Limited Finances Change and Books

I am always complaining about lack of money on here (Check out my Worry Wart Three Part Series) but, isn’t every college student short on cash flow? From a undergrad at a public university to graduate school at a private university, here’s how I’ve managed my cash flow.

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No Gym Access, No Problem: College Student Edition

Home Gym Equipment for College Students All

Sometimes we just cannot make it to a gym for whatever reason but, that doesn’t mean the gym can’t come to us. Here are some convenient and compact gym equipment that can work for any college student on the go.

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Don’t Follow Everyone’s Study Tips

Somebody is always going to want to tell how to study better. But, here are some words of advice. Don’t follow everyone’s study tips. Sometimes they can end up hurting rather than helping you. Let me tell you how.

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Downhill Battle Back to School Update

Hi Readers! So, the first week has come and went. I can’t say it went quickly. We have just started the second week of school and I already feel stressed. I had my first exam of the semester already. I passed but, there are just too many things going on this week. I cannot wait […]

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I Can See Reality Starting to Set In

I’ve just been feeling lazy.  By the time you all are reading this, I will already be back in school. I don’t want to go back to school but, I don’t mind being back in Atlanta. I miss going places and being somewhat independent. I’ve been at home all summer so, I’m glad to have some things to do with my time. I just don’t miss the deadlines and Monday exams. I also cannot wait for that financial aid to drop once school starts. I am a super broke b****h, right now.

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I survived!

Hello Readers! It’s been a very tough first half of the week. I’ve taken 4 exams in less than 48 hours. But, I made it through thanks to God. Anyways, I just took my last exam at 8:20PM which is why I’m posting late. I can finally let out a deep breath now and relax. […]

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Back to Reality

Hello Wonderful Readers! I got back from Tampa on Sunday morning. The weekend left me sleep deprived but, it was an enjoyable weekend. I’m glad I went. I always enjoy a good African party and hanging out with old friends. I finally caught up on my sleep today and, now, its back to reality. I […]

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